Top 10 WordPress plugins edition for 2017

By | January 2, 2017

When your start blogging with WordPress, you should know how to improve the performance and SEO of your blog and it can be done by a collection of some best WordPress plugins.

When your blog is up to date on every aspect including themes, navigation, post and plugin, then you can see significant growth in blog traffic.

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We know that speed is an important factor to raise the blog traffic but plugin also plays a major role to optimize the WordPress blog.

Every WordPress plugin has its own feature and can enhance the needed work with almost one click.

It’s like you need to add some tweaks on your blog and the plugin can work exactly without any HTML errors.

However, finding the set of plugins for fresh WordPress blog is not an easy task, so how about installing the set of only best WordPress plugins.

It does not matter if you are new in blogging or the professional blogger, these plugins can still help you and can give the tons of features at once.

Below is the list of Top 10 best WordPress plugins:

Top 10 WordPress plugins

These plugins are essential and it is a need of every blog, by which you can optimize the extension of your WordPress SEO and performance.

  1. Akismet
  2. Jetpack
  3. Yoast SEO
  4. Login Lockdown
  5. Mentionable
  6. Imagify
  7. SEO friendly images
  8. No Self Pings
  9. Social warfare
  10. W3 Total Cache.

Akismet – Say goodbye to spam comments:

Akismet plugin

You probably heard about spam comments on WordPress, it is the major problem facing by every blogger but now it’s your time and the best part is you don’t need to spend the time to verify every comment before publishing on your blog.

When using Askimet, all the comments literally check by performing various tests on the comments, once it found comment spam, it will automatically send it to trash.

Jetpack – All in one pack

It is like a booster for your website if you ask me how?  I can tell you for sure that using this plugin will give you some mini features like Image optimization, visitor stats and security.

By using Jetpack, you will find some small tweaks like the related post, sharing button and Downtime monitoring.

Speaking of security, it blocks all malicious logins as well as protect from spam comments.

It shows your website stats starting from day to monthly and the overall best per day.

On the other hand, you can use Jetpack to create your blog sitemap and can also do site verification using Google, Bing etc.

Monitoring your website downtime and send the email notifications is consider as the best feature for me because it saves my day every time when I am just going to lose the visitors.

Yoast SEO – All WordPress SEO by one plugin:

Yoast SEO plugin


Every time we say that WordPress is far better than Blogspot because it is enough SEO friendly.

It is not always completely true, if you start WordPress with a scratch, it is not much friendly with SEO, it is the efforts of plugins that make your blog 100% SEO friendly.

We actually need a plugin that provides the feature to add a meta description, Title tag, focus keyword and some other SEO key points, for each and every post specifically.

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The Yoast SEO plugin, check your every post and page to make sure that all your post is SEO friendly, it indicates your keyword placement, keyword density, image alt tag as well as visitor readability.

The free version of the Yoast SEO will give you enough features that you never need to go for a premium subscription, but in case you need some extra advance SEO then you can upgrade to premium membership.

Yoast SEO premium gives you the feature to add multiple keywords and check interlinking to your previously published blog post.

You can also create a sitemap by Yoast, it is one of the best sitemap creators and gives you the option to modify sitemap with simple configurations.

SpeakWmind also using Yoast sitemap and On-Page SEO optimization, and the results are amazingly superb.

Login lockdown – stop brute force password cracking:

So many of you aware of brute force password, it is the method where a person or Bot tries the various combination of password till it guesses the correct one.

So you need Login lockdown plugin to protect this kind of attack, it is one click install which will disable specific IP address of the system.

By default, it blocks the IP address after 03 invalid tries within 05 minutes for about 60 minutes, but you can easily modify the configuration from the admin settings page.

You can also unblock the certain IP address if needed, by finding the list of block IP address in admin control panel.

Mentionable – Easy to interlink your valuable post:

I think it is one of the best WordPress plugins, using Mentionable you can easily link your previously posted article with the customized anchor text.

It gives you the autocomplete feature when you type the keyword of your previously posted article.

Considering the On-Page SEO, interlinking can boost the blog search engine ranking but it is difficult to remember all the post you published in the whole period of blogging.

No matter how much hard to remember all your blog posts, but it is always easy to call out the single keyword of the topic you posted even years ago.

When you write the keyword after @ it will show the drop down a list of every blog post that contains the same keyword.

After installing Mentionable, it is good to put the check on “open the links in New tab” it will increase the page views as well as decrease the bounce rate.

Imagify – Lighter your images:Imagify wordpress plugin

This WordPress plugin worth a lot, I was previously using some other image compression plugins but they need $ and limited to quota.

Imagify is the free plugin that compresses your images and it is not limited as much as others image plugins.

If you are thinking of the image quality, then don’t worry as I personally using this WordPress plugin on SpeakWmind and it never affects the image quality.

By compressing the image, it will reduce the only size that literally effects the speed of blog to a certain level.

When the first time your install this plugin, you have to configure it to Auto compress on upload, also put the check on Backup original images.

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There is no need to keep the backup of the original image but in case if you found needful, also don’t need to optimize every single image by yourself.

So every time you upload the image it will automatically optimize by Imagify.

SEO friendly images – boost your Image in Google ranking:

SEO friendly images plugin

As we know that, images can also drive a huge amount of traffic to the website.

To make the image SEO friendly, we need to add Title and Alt tag in images.

However, adding both title and Alt tag will take some extra time for every single post. So, you can try this handy plugin called SEO friendly images.

It will automatically add title tag and Alt tag to all your images, once you configure it in the plugin settings page.

No Self Ping – Say NO to trackbacks:


By default, WordPress offers the self-ping service which usually sends a trackback to your own blog.

So, now if you publish the article it will automatically ping to your own domain which is not much useful in my opinion, even it is not harmful.

To stop this unwanted pings and trackback, you can install the WordPress plugin called No self-ping, which actually helps you to stop unwanted trackbacks to your blog.

Social warfare – Click to share buttons:

Social plugins for wordpress

Today, we are more often to social media like facebook, twitter, Google+ etc and you can use these social media platforms to drive the great traffic to your blog.

Why someone copies blog URL and then paste it to different social media sites one by one?

To get rid of this hard work, we can add some sharing buttons after every blog post. So, the visitor can easily share the blog post that he found useful for his connections.

Social warfare provides you the number of social media sites, naming only a few of them.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

You can manually configure, where to show the sharing button, whether above the post or below the post or maybe you prefer on both sides.

W3 Total Cache – Performance optimization and SEO ranking:

W3 Total cache plugin for wordpress


It uses to optimize your blog overall performance by caching your Page cache, browser cache, and CDN integration.

Your blog speed affects Google ranking and give good user experience, every time user visits your website it stores some CSS, scripts and stats file to a temporary folder that loads the pages up to 10 times faster.

It enhances the blog performance by reducing page load time and integrates with CDN.

The W3 total cache also works for mobile users by accelerating mobile pages (AMP), it also extension if you need to use it with MaxCDN and Google page speed.

You can see the speed and performance of SpeakWMind, we optimized it by minifying & compressing of the post, pages, CSS and javascript using The W3 total Cache plugin.


As I said earlier, we have thousand of WordPress plugins but the above given are essential and work like blood veins of your blog.

I will be glad if you share your thoughts about the plugins you are using, and it will be really helpful for the blog readers if you share your opinion.

Now, its your turn to share the experience by commenting below: