Top 3 PayPal alternatives for online payment system

By | December 4, 2016

Every time you want to purchase or sell something you need the Debit card such as VISA or Mastercard, you also need kind of online payment system that may use as your bank account like Paypal.

The best online payment system we have is PayPal, which is reliable and support almost every online shopping community and earning programs.

It also gives you the Paypal debit card for use in any ATM machine supported with MasterCard, also it is easy to verify and link with your local bank account for fast withdraw.

So What, if Paypal does not support your country?

Will you give up for online earning programs just because you don’t have an online account?

Many of the countries do not support by Paypal, I personally don’t know the reason of this racism but it affects some Asian countries like Pakistan, India etc.

Here, we need some alternatives to PayPal, but to be sure that it should be secure because of its all about the money we earned from the hard work.

These online payments systems are so reliable and effective to give you the opportunity to transfer the payments globally, without any limits.

You can send the payment to an individual or receive the payment from the company or withdraw from your local bank ATM machine using the debit master card but more efficiently.

But for all this, you must have to check the below payment system by yourself.

Payoneer – The best alternative to Paypal:

Payoneer alternative of Paypal

The best in Payoneer is that you can use it in any country, there are no restrictions for non-developed countries, it provides you the Payoneer Mastercard for free and useable for online shopping and payment withdraws.

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It is faster, gives you guarantee to complete the transaction process within 24 hours.

The debit Mastercard provides the service to withdraw your payment from any nearest ATM machine that supports Mastercard.

I will also give you the opportunity to work with many Affiliate programs, Freelancer, Fiverr, small business and most important it is reliable and risk-free.

Transaction charges are much lower and transfer money faster than other money transfer system it is useful where Paypal do not support and you are searching for the most secure and fast payment system.

Personally, I use Payoneer as an alternative to Paypal because it is more efficient in the transaction and at some point, it super passes Paypal.

Payoneer also gives you the $25 bonus for sign up and 25$ every time when you refer to an active friend.

If you want $25 right now, you can go to Payoneer signup here and you can check my step by step guide to creating Payoneer account.

Skrill – The online payment and money transfer:

Alternative of Paypal is Skrill

The second option we have is Skrill, it is first known as “Moneybookers” but now changed the name with “Skrill”.

It is best in payment transfer and receiving of payment from your clients, but it will time to take a grip like Paypal or Payoneer.

It has also some transaction charges, although activation charges but it gives you the chances where Paypal and Payoneer step back for some online shopping sites.

Google Wallet- Powered by Google:

Goolge Wallet online payment system

We are using many services by Google like Youtube, Adsense etc.

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Google Wallet is easy to use as an alternative to Paypal for online payment, it can be used from your computer or phone by your email address and contact number.

It’s is a great service by Google but it is only useful for US bank accounts, other countries support the payment from Google Wallet account.

It will expand the global market later, but this time you can use Google wallet only if you have Google account and you are living in the US.

It does not support much online shopping sites and online money making programs but it is currently working with some specific google partner sites.

For Google Wallet, you have to add your debit card and the receiver or sender must have the Google wallet account, then you can transfer the payment from your debit card to their Google Wallet account without any transaction charges.

Now I have shared all three and best alternative to PayPal but it’s your choice to select the one which is suitable for you.

If you ask me, I will advise you to take a try with Payoneer as it is working best for me.

You can share your idea if you have any better payment transfer program and you want me to share on the blog.

Now, its your turn to share the experience by commenting below: