3 things you need to know before working on Upwork

By | February 12, 2017

When we talk about freelancing the first thing come up in our mind is Upwork, Why? Because it is the network established after merging two most renowned freelancing platforms such as Odesk and Elance.

Upwork is the freelancing marketplace for buyers and sellers, it helps you to complete your project within the limited time, moreover, it has skillful freelancer to perform the work with professionalism.

I started my freelancing career with Upwork and it was experience gaining the opportunity for me, I earned a small amount in beginning but it gave me wonderful ideas to understand how to win the desired job.

If you are going to start your career as a freelancer, you probably have thousand of confusing questions that take your spirit down and it affects your working ability.

Today, I will answer some most asked questions about Upwork, to clear your mind before getting started with it.

What is the benefit of Upwork to provide you a freelancer or client?

Upwork taking money from client and freelancer

It is not a hidden fact, whenever someone gives you are a platform to use or earn something, they will definitely charge something from you and it is a short amount of commission.

Upwork charges to a freelancer about 5% to 20% of the total amount of project, it also charges 2.75% payment processing fee to the client.

Whether work or hire, you have to pay the fees to Upwork for their mind blowing service, or you can say it is the fee to keep secure your work and payments.

How to build the attractive profile to get noticed by the client?

The first thing you have to do right after creating your account is to update your profile with some highlighted skills but before you go for skills must check the following:

Job title: Mention 2 – 3 keywords in your job title, for example, Accountant – Data entry – customer service.

Profile photo: Upload your recent profile photo; your picture plays a big role to get notice by the client. Your picture must have the professionalism and friendly nature in a one shot.

Skills: Enter up to 10 skills in your profile that describes your expertise in a specific field; do not add multiple skills from different categories.

Overview: Write it simple and try to express all about your work within 3-4 lines, because most clients do not read more than 4 lines.

Start with your sharpest skill then turn it to soft skills, also mention the years you practiced that skill, adding the language you speak fluently is a good sign.

Experience level: If you think that you are new on Upwork and going to rate your experience level as an entry level, it will hit your online career so hard.

It is not about your Upwork experience, it is all about your experience on that specific field. So at least rate your level to intermediate.

Employment history: As far as we know, employment history is the number of years you worked in the field, so you must add all the experience and the work you have done related to the field.

Portfolio: It’s time to gather your work for display and show your projects you have done in past few years for different clients.

Yeah, you are new here, so how to create a portfolio? it’s simple if you have some online skills for example writing, blogging etc then start doing some on free sites and grab it to fit in your portfolio.

Rate per hour: Finally, you make it set your hourly rate. You have to set your hourly rate about $5 to $7, according to my personal experience if you set the rate lower than $5 it shows the client that you are not expert in the work.

He will assume that the lower rate freelancer has bad hands in work completion.

If your rate matches your skills, it gives you more chances to get hired, so if you are highly skillful then do not lay down with lowest rates.

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How to find the desired freelancing job using search phrase? 

your favorite job on upwork

Searching a right job for yourself is not easy as typing the keyword, it depends on how you target the job.

To find the job, you have to make a set of major keywords which are part of your job description, for example, you want to find the job related to blogging, so instead of typing the complete job just type the word “Blog” it will land you to the page where every job about blogging is published.

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How to withdraw your money from Upwork?

I am 100% sure that all this freelancing is for money, so the next big question for the beginners is how to get paid after working on Upwork? and it is not a thing to worry about.

You can easily get paid after reaching the threshold of $100 which is the minimum payout.

You have to do a number of fixed and hourly jobs to reach that point of $100, but believe me, it is not hard if you are skillful and if you read my previous article that will help you to increase your hiring chances up to 70%.

Once you earn $100, you can withdraw your payment by any of your selected payment method such as Local funds Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, and Skrill.

I am using Payoneer to withdraw my funds and it is a perfect choice, so I will advise you to try Payoneer payment transfer to get your hard work payments.

You can read the guide how to create Payoneer account or signup from here.

I hope after reading all this information, you are ready to get started as a freelancer. If you have any question, please ask in the comment box below. I will happy to answer it and want to know about your freelancing experience.

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