How to create Payoneer account and earn $25 bonus

By | December 1, 2016

Today, I will tell you about online money transfer program called Payoneer, you maybe know about Paypal which is the biggest online money transfer system for online workers and freelancer.

But what if Paypal does not support your country, I know it’s hard to work online and get money for those people who live in countries like Pakistan, India or some Asian countries which have no support by Paypal.

You maybe think that this online world of luxury is not for you or it is not possible to earn money like foreigners while living in lower class countries.

So’ there is an option for all of you to work and earn money without Paypal account, you can do work more and more to earn high income like Freelancer or virtual assistant.

Even you can purchase anything online from your Payoneer MasterCard, also transfer the payment to any of your client, advertiser, publisher or your fellows.

Payoneer pays $25 for signup and $25 to refer a friend:

Now come to the best thing, when you sign up for Payoneer, it will give you $25 as a welcome gift also if you refer to any other person whenever he reaches to his first $100 then you will receive another $25 as a referral commission.

So, as much as you refer to your fellows you will earn $25 every time and you can also post your referral link on your blog to earn more referrals within no time.

Become a Payoneer MasterCard holder:

Also, you will get your own Payoneer MasterCard which will give you the service to take out money from any of the ATM that supports Mastercard.

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I know that many countries do not support by Paypal, but they all have Banks and Mastercard supported Machines.  Also, it supports payments in USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.

You can easily withdraw your cash by any of the ATM machines near you by using your own prepaid debit card but first, you have to earn at least $100 and it is not a big deal.

Here we have many ways to earn money online using your blog or you can just refer a friend and earn $25 at every sign-up, but it will take too much time to reach $100 mark so it is better to work and belief in yourself.

You should know about online earning platforms that support payment by Payoneer, I am naming some of them like Fiverr, FreeLancer, Elance and well known Dailymotion.

Easy step by step guide to creating your Payoneer account:

As you know the first step is always to take a decision for signup.

Step-1: Go to Payoneer signup here and get $25 bonus

Payoneer sign up

Step-2: It will ask you select withdrawal method, simply select Prepaid Mastercard (It is better for easy cash out)

Step-3: Fill your personal information like Name, Email address and Date of birth (It is highly recommended to use your real information because it will need for your ATM card).Payoneer user information

Step-4: Fill your contact details accurately; it will also need in future.

Step-5: Select Password and security question that you will remember easily in case if you lost your password, click next and you are almost done.

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Step-6: Now check your email address and complete the email verification process to log in your newly Payoneer account.

Payoneer email verification

Congratulations, now you have your online Payoneer account that could be useable for all your online shopping even you can use it on Petrol pumps and shopping centers right after receiving your Payoneer Mastercard.

How to activate and verify your Payoneer Mastercard:

You will receive your Prepaid debit card within 02 to 03 weeks, in my case, it took only 12 days.

When you receive the Payoneer Mastercard on your home address you have to log in to your account and verify it by entering the 16 digit number and your PIN code you setup at the time of account creation.

Remember to write the 04 Digit pin to your dairy or phone because it will require at the time of address verification and activation of your Mastercard.

So now the question is how will you earn? I know you have the option to refer friends and earn $24 at every signup but it will take much longer than you think.

So my advice is to work, work and work because you have now opportunity to earn online by working as a freelancer or your can read my previous post earn online without using the money.

Hope all this information will help you, so now it’s your turn to earn more with Payoneer and give your comments for readers if you have any other platform that supports Payoneer online payment system.

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