Top 6 ideas to increase your hiring chances on Upwork

By | January 17, 2017

Whenever a newbie create an account on Upwork he has to face the hardest part of his online career, in other words, we can say “How to get hired in Upwork without any experience”

As we all know that Upwork is the market place where you find all talented and skillful freelancers bidding to get the project.

It is obvious that if you are going to start as a beginner, no matter how much skillful you are, the only things that mount the flag is your experience because the client always wants to work with someone who already got his hand filled in the same field.

This is the fact, when you are beginner without experience no one wants to take a risk with their money as well as project, even I will never take a risk when it connects my project and money.

If you send the proposal and tell them your skills, your working abilities or your experience in the field, they never believe because the only thing they look is your Upwork profile.

It is also because of bulk proposals within short amount of time, some of them are more skillful or more experienced, so this hard enough to complete and highlight your proposals in the huge competition.

Important Fact: Odesk now known as Upwork, it is the oldest freelancing platform.

Start as a Upwork freelancer with lowest rate

Instead of keeping fear in our eyes, we should take find some possibilities where we can stand alone, or maybe reach at some highest ranking factor among all other freelancers.

In the world of online career, you still have a chance to stay alive, but to get your first job in Upwork, you have to keep patience and keep trying.

The more you try, the more you get with the experience to understand the system and this is the only chance to crack your first job, maybe it is the short job somewhat like $5 but it will show as experience on your Upwork freelancer profile.

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How to find your desired job?

You have to check these basic and most important observations before applying to any job, but before you apply to any job, you must know how to search that job with relevant keyword.

The best keyword for your desired job is only single keyword that defines the nature or platform of the job.

Suppose, you need the job of Article writer or blog writer so the instead of searching for writer, you should target the keyword “Blog” when searching for the platform you will find all jobs related to blogging such as blog writer, article writer, blog commenting, guest blogging and so on.

When you find the job that fits your qualification and you are pretty sure about the work to go ahead and apply using your Upwork credits.

Make sure that you are applying for the job, where you have more than enough chances to get hired.

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Increase your chances up to 90% to get hired

Below is the checklist of some important observations that increases the beginner chances to get hired.

01) Client should be payment verified

02) Proposals should be less 20. (So it gives your proposal more chances to come in front of the client)

03) Posted time should be less than 30 minutes. (It has more chance that client is online right now, also it will work as first come, first serve)

04) Fixed Price, apply to fixed price jobs as it is not necessary but client always like to give hourly jobs to some experienced freelancer, so better not to take a chance with hourly jobs.

Upwork hiring chances

05) Now take a look at preferred qualifications, if you see there are two red marks. So it’s better to stay away from this job if it has more than one red mark. (You can still apply to this job but your proposal will not appear in front of the client, it will drop somewhere “no qualified proposals”)

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06) Come to the right side, where you can see “activity on this job” here you can see if the client is interviewing someone? If yes not a problem you can still apply. But if he already hired someone and job is allocated only for 01 people so you better stay back for applying for the job where the seat has been covered.upwork preferred qualification

Don’ use that “just wait and watch technique”

If all points are clear you should take an action and apply for the job, remember the more time you pass it become more difficult to highlight your proposal, better to get the position of first three in the client list of received proposals, so it has more chances to get hired.

While applying for the job, you have standard fields about the job requirement such as proposal field, where you write your proposal, check the proposal writing tips for freelancing.

You also have to inform the time duration of the job you are going to complete, it’s better to give the time of less than 1 week if jobs can be done within some hours.

Now, if you are going to apply to your first freelancing job, keep these factors in your mind and mark the checklist to get the higher chances in front of Upwork client.

Tip: Update your profile completely, before sending the proposal so the client is able to check if you are the right fit for the job.


I hope that these factors are useful to get your first job and you will sure get some more jobs after some time.

Remember to maintain patience while working on Upwork, it always takes the time to get your first job as it is hard but not impossible.

Now your turn to share your first experience as a freelancer and share some useful tips for the beginner it will help a lot to the blog readers.

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