05 Easy steps to start with your first WordPress blog

By | December 25, 2016

Starting a blog is not a big deal but it is not simple as it looks, how about setting up your WordPress blog in just 20 minutes?

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Now, if your mind is clear and you decided to start with your first WordPress blog, make sure the below things are ready to operate.

  • Domain name such as speakwmind.com
  • The best Web hosting, must check the comparison of The best web hosting services
  • Cpanel password: Change your Cpanel password, better to copy and paste it somewhere on your PC.

Installing WordPress on your domain:

installing wordpress blog

Once, you log in to your account you can simply install WordPress, by one click from your Cpanel.

If you have Software section in your Cpanel then route to the following:

Cpanel> Software> Site software> Blog> WordPress

Fill the required information as given below:

  • Admin user ID: It is the ID created by user to log in the account
  • Admin Pass: Generate password in order to get the strong security (copy it somewhere in PC)
  • Email: Your email address to register with your WordPress blog
  • Installation URL:  It is your choice to install it on your index page or subdomain
  • followed by creating the blog name and blog description.

Click on install to proceed with your very first WordPress blog.

Now, it is easy to start with your WordPress blog and it is ready to get public after setting up few things.

How to change WordPress theme:

Changing wordpress themes blog

By default it has been set to Twenty Sixteen and Twenty Fourteen but you can change to give the better style and appearance.

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Click on Appearance > Themes and Add new.

By clicking Add new you can search from hundred of free WordPress themes online or you can also click on upload theme to install stylish theme purchased from the third party.

There are many websites which offer you to install extraordinary paid themes or you can download free themes from the same website if they offer the free version.

These are two theme stores I prefer to download WordPress theme for free is Themeisle  and Themegrill

How to write the first blog post on WordPress:

First post on wordpress

It is easy as snatching the candy from the child; you can see the section of Post. Once you click on the post and add new it will give you the form where you have to put the title and body of the blog post.

Write the title as much as catchy, it should be describing the whole of your post in about one sentence.

Similarly, you can write your blog post briefly with some images and videos by clicking add media.

You can change the color of fonts and can add hyperlink of external websites from the toolbar.

When you have done with your writing, make sure that your blog post has no mistakes and ready to publish.

Once you publish the post, you can see it by clicking on view the post and check if there is anything to amend or change if needed.

How to install the plugin on WordPress blog:

Plugins of wordpress blog

Go to plugins and click Add new it will take you the store of thousand of plugins, search the plugin you want and click on install, then activate it to use.

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Some plugins need settings or configuration, some are plug and play but if you are installing the third party plugin, make sure it does not contain any malware or malicious file.

In addition, here is the list of plugins I prefer to install on your very first WordPress blog.

  1. Askimet
  2. Auto Post Thumbnail
  3. Jetpack
  4. Mentionable
  5. W3 Total Cache
  6. Yoast SEO

These plugins are best to install on a very start of your blog, they are awesome and keeps your blog performance better in SEO, speed, Imaging, linking etc.

Obviously, I will post the brief explanation of the above plugins and some more powerful plugins in my other articles.

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How to create a Page on WordPress:

Pages on wordpress

First of all, I want to tell you that Page and post are two different things, the post is like updates we want to give our audience, which is specific and contains different topic.

Whereas Page is like permanent information about your website service or contact page which needs to be updated once and it remains same for years.

To create a page you need to follow the steps same like creating a post.

Go to Pages> Add new

Write the attractive title and body of the page, it should be information about your website, shop or business

Furthermore, you can add different categories, Tags and users in WordPress to make to polish your work and post.

Finally, you learned how to set up your WordPress blog for the very fist time, by giving just 20 minutes.

Feel Free to share your experience of creating first WordPress blog with the audience of SpeakWmind.

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