How to create website email address with your domain

By | November 27, 2016

When you need a website email address with the domain it means your work in not by an individual, it is now a brand, but if you are new in blogging then must read Blogger vs WordPress which is the best choice to start with your new blog.

Normally we use a public email address like or but when you visit some professional blog or website you will find the admin or sales email address like or

It is better to use your website email address to email your subscribers it affects them genuinely to visit your blog. If I use my personal email address it will not give too much effect to make them visit my website.

The email link to your website domain shows the professionalism of your blog also ranks your email higher as compared to an individual email address.

Today, I will tell you step by step guide to creating the website email address and forward the emails to your personal email account for easy use.

Yes, you can link your website email address to your personal email address.

When you create your email address with the domain you must have email clients on your PC like outlook express or Cpanel webmail clients, but it is better to direct your website email address to your public email account in order to get fast and responsive email handling.

When someone sends the email to your website it will directly forward to your personal email address and if you want to reply them it will send it by the name of your website email address without logging in to your website email account.

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Creating website email address using Cpanel:

Step-1: First login to your Cpanel account, with your username and password (You will find the link of Cpanel in the email sent by your hosting provider at the time of domain and host registration).

website email address using Cpanel

Step-2: Now if you are login, you have some programs and tools. Go to Email section and click on Email accounts.

Now you have three fields with required information.



Email: Put the username like admin or sales etc, it will complete it like

Password: You may set the password of your own choice or generate with the password generator.

Mailbox quota: It is the limit of space used by your email account to keep emails and data (select if up to 300mb as it is enough to take startup)

Now click create an account and you are done.

Direct forwarding to your public email account:

Now, you have your email account and you want to direct all the emails to your personal Gmail or yahoo account then use this Email forwarder in your Cpanel home page.


Step-3: When you click on Forwarder in email section, simply click on add forwarder.

Step-4: Mention your website email address in the first field (only username like admin or sales)

Step-5: In Destination section, fill the email address where you want to forward the email address (Forward to email address)

Step-6: Now click on “Add forwarder” and finally it’s done .

The emails sent to your website email address will be forwarded to your personal email account also remains in your webmail account.

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Configure your personal email account for website email address:

Now it’s time to configure your personal email account to send an email by the name of your website email address. (I am using Gmail for this tutorial)

Step-7: Go to Gmail setting and click on Accounts and Import.

Step-8: In send mail as section, go to “Add another email address you own”


Step-9: It will ask you for Name and website email address to link with (Type the name of your website and your website email address)

Step-10: Check on “Treat as an Alias” and go to next step.

Here it will come with SMTP server configuration page, no doubt you are little nervous but don’t worry.

You can fetch these details from your Cpanel.

email client settings

Step-11: Now again go to Cpanel and click on Email accounts.

In the center of the page you will find Set up Mail client, it will show the manual SSL/TLS Settings.

gmial STMP server config

Step-10: Finally, copy the complete username and password (you set up while creating email account)

Now, you have to copy only outgoing server link and SMTP port to fill your SMTP configuration.

Step-11: Fill all these information and click “add account”, now the verification link sends to your inbox.

Step-12: Verify your email account and finally, you are ready to send emails from your Gmail account and receive your website emails as well.

So now, you learned how to create an email address with your website domain, if you have any question or experiencing any issues please let me know in comment box below.

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