Blogger vs wordpress? which is the best choice for blog

By | November 25, 2016

When the newcomers of the blogging world take a decision of starting the blog weather for Professional blogging, business or just for his personal writing, they used to confuse between these two very well known platforms Blogger vs Wordpress.

Today, I will point out in these blogging platforms to clarify which one is better for you to take a start with your blogging career.

There are several best free blogging platforms for a newbie but it will not work as good as Blogger and WordPress, so we will focus only on these two platforms to make it simple.

This battle will be based on appearance, control and technical reliability for both platforms and most important features that you need to know in Blogger vs WordPress.

Note: Keep it mind that I am not going to compare with Blogger, I am comparing with Blogger

Ownership, is the first thing of your Blog:

Ownership of your blog

When you are on Blogger, the ownership is not your own and it is holding by GOOGLE. We all know that the Google hosting everything like Youtube, Adsense, Adwords etc.

So the Blogger is in the branches of Google and it has all rights to terminate your blog or take out you from your account because it is simply Google thing, not yours.

Now, if we are on WordPress and using the self-hosted site so we are the owner of our blog, content, and data. So, it depends on us if we want to turn off our blog or make it active for a long time.

You have chosen domain and hosting so you are the real owner of your website or blog, no one can terminate your ownership except your hosting provider if you don’t pay them their monthly or yearly fee.

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Blogger vs Wordpress, which one is easy to control:

Blogger vs WordPress easier

When we talk regarding controls or interference of Blogger, then you can say it has simple and decent controls. Even a child can use it without a need of much knowledge, but as I say simple is not everything.

You can’t use all the features you want, you have to move with limited features. If you want to do something more for SEO or Adsense you can do only with limited functions and gadgets and believe me they are not enough for money making professional blogs.

If we talk thinking of WordPress then you should know that WordPress is not quite simple but it has more and all required features that every blogger needs.

WordPress has some plugins and tools that give you simple and smart blogging for SEO and Adsense.

There are thousands of functions and tweaks you know that your blogs should have but you cannot use it on Blogger, although WordPress gives you the feature to add the plug-in and make your blog work perfectly.

So, if you ask me which one is easier? Blogger vs WordPress and my answer will be Blogger is better for a personal blog, but WordPress is far better for SEO and making money.

The appearance of a blog in Blogger vs WordPress:

Appearance of your blog

Appearance is the look of your blog showing with Template or Themes, if you are working with Blogger then you get some different Blogger templates that give your blog a new style but you can’t do the modification with layout and colors.

It has the only limited edition of blogger template available in your account but you can download third party templates and they are not reliable enough it has some bad shape and defects.

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Now, you are on WordPress and need to change your blog looks and style then you are free to use any of the WordPress theme available in WordPress store free, also it has some premium themes that are fabulous.

If you don’t want to use the money for themes of WordPress then you download several high-quality free WordPress themes from the third party and then modify it with your own style and layout.

WordPress also provide you different styles themes for Adsense banner and Adsense ads code with simple plugins and modification codes.

Portable, which one is easy to move:

Easy to move blog is wordpress

If you are new to blogging and your plan is to give the try first and then move permanently with your real blogging platform so Blogger is not the good choice.

You decide to move the data and content from your blogger so it will be a very difficult task and it will hit your SEO and traffic even you will face some serious errors in linking and subscribers.

But if you plan the same with WordPress then you have best choices to backup your data and move it to any of your new blogging platform, new domain or hosting.

WordPress have several plugins to move, redirect and internal tools for every task you want to perform while moving your data and subscribers.

Now what should be your choice Blogger vs WordPress:

According to my experience, Blogger vs WordPress which is better for Adsense and making money then you should go with WordPress but if your want only your personal, easy and simple blog then Blogger is the best for you.

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