The best web hosting services and comparision

By | December 26, 2016

Web hosting is a service provides by hosting providers to manage your site from their online server. They give you the services and technologies to operate your website and make it available on the internet.

Some of the hosting providers need you to register the domain first, while some of them offer the domain registration at the time you purchase hosting.

The price of the domain is basically included in web hosting package, it is better to get the domain + hosting, so you don’t need to configure it by yourself.

In case you already owned the domain and just need hosting then you have to log in your domain account and the server address.

It is not hard to learn, here is the short and easy guide to adding or change your hosting server while using your current domain.

So, if you planned to start a blog with WordPress and you need a hosting that suits best for WordPress, then you should check some important influence about the Web hosting service

Here is the list of some common factors that needed to pay attention before buying a web hosting.

  • The server ability to work with WordPress.
  • The uptime and downtime of the server.
  • Bandwidth and disk space
  • Help and support.

The best web hosting to work with WordPress


If you are ready to start with WordPress blog then check the ability of server if it really compatible with WordPress requirement.

Basically, WordPress works with PHP and MySQL of a server, so make sure that your hosting providers have updated version of MySQL and PHP.

For PHP and MySQL it should be version 5.6 or above,  if you are starting your first blog then must read 05 Easy steps to start with your first WordPress blog

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The uptime and downtime of the server:

uptime-and-downtime-of-web hosting

Whenever you start a website or blog, the more important thing is to keep it alive every time. Keep in mind, if your website server has a good uptime it keeps up good for the audience.

In the online market, you will find several web hosting providers that give you free hosting for a website but they are just lame services.

In order to work with fast server and blog, you need the web host that gives you at least 99% uptime all day long.

The server downtime affects your audience too much, also it gives the bad impact to the Search Engine bots, so if your site is slow or mostly have downtime then it also affects the site ranking.

Bandwidth and disk space:

The disc space is actually your website storage, where host providers keep all your website data such as pages, media, documents etc.

The more disc space you have, the more you can upload and use freely.

The bandwidth of a website is like a pipeline, the more space in pipeline the more audience can visit your blog, every time the visitor land to your blog it uses some of the bandwidths.

But if you are a newbie in blogging then it is better to use the limited bandwidth.

Some web hosting provider gives you unlimited bandwidth and disc space but it cost higher, while some of them provide you the limited disc space and bandwidth that cost much cheaper.

Help and Support:

web hosting help-and-support

To operate the self-hosted website is not easy, you will face some problems related to the server, downtime, speed etc.

Turning to the best web host gives you 24/7 online support for your website and it is really the day saving facility for the newbie who has no idea about the website, blog and web hosting.

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Here are few web hosting services, proving best for the newbie as well as for professionals.

I am listing few of them and showing the brief comparisons, so it will give you an idea to start with your very first blog or website.

1.    Bluehost: The Best Web Hosting

2.    HostGator: Website Hosting Services & dedicated servers

3.    DreamHost: Award Winning Web Hosting

Make sure to select the web host that gives you all best in service and features.

The comparison is not based on popularity; it is focused on the factors of services and features.





WordPress 1 click Install Yes Yes Yes
Server uptime 99% 99.9% 100%
Disc space 50GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domain 1 1 1
24/7 support Yes Yes Yes
Money back 30 Days 45 Days 97 Days
Marketing coupons Adwords $150+ Adwords $100 Adwords $75
Price plan $5.45 per month $3.95 per month $10.95 per month

Now, you can decide by comparing the above details, featuring all the about services and performance.

This is hard to set a mind for the one, so it is better to do a final check before purchasing the hosting plan.

If you are the newbie and confused which is better, my advice is to select the cheaper one, because it takes a time to learn about blogging and cheap web hosting is better to take a start.

Share your idea to make these comparisons better, and comment below to help blog audience to select the best one.

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