The best tips to start with Upwork freelancing account

By | December 18, 2016

Recently, I decided to work as a freelancer and joined Upwork as it is a well-known platform for online job seekers; this is the first freelancing program that I have ever used.

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It is the first experience with Upwork team and I believe it is the good one to make me learn about my article writing, Grammar mistakes, and proofreading.

My first client, who is the professional blog creator and needed someone to write articles for his newly launched blog.

I have the knowledge about SEO articles and blog writing but I never realized that grammar and proofreading are equally important as much as SEO techniques.

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I was not able to complete the job as per the client requirement as I was focused only on ON-PAGE SEO and was neglecting the English writing and grammar rules,

It was not my client fault, he gave me a number of chances to correct my mistakes but I was not getting the point.

Finally, he closed the job for me and requested Upwork escrow to refund the amount, we agreed in the contract. It was the bad experience but I believe only bad experience can raise the person to learn more and now I am going to focus on learning better English and Grammar.

When I started with Upwork, I faced many issues concerning the job interview and proposal submission but during my first successful job proposal, I discovered the techniques to be noticed by clients for an interview.

How to create the account on Upwork as the freelancer:

It is not good to skip the signup and go directly to the guidelines of covering letter, so here is the step by step guide to creating the Upwork account as a freelancer, so lets start.apply job on upwork

Go to signup page of Upwork here.

  1. Get started by selecting the account type, (select I am looking for online work)
  2. It is highly recommended to fill the required details correctly, as it will be required at the time of login.
  3. Mark the check to accept the terms and conditions of Upwork and go to the next page.
  4. At your very first login, you must have to complete your profile with work experience, qualifications, portfolio, category, and sub-category (you are interested in) and pass some basic tests that will be shown in your profile.
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Just after creating the account, I had submitted proposals for 08 different jobs in various categories and niches, and it looks like that was my first mistake as a freelancer.

Upwork offers 60 connects in the free account for a single month, these connect’s needed to apply for the job. Whenever you submit a job proposal it will charge about 2 to 5 connects depending on the size of a job and various factors.

It is not easy to find the exactly same job you are looking for, so stay calm and do some research by finding the job that matches your skills, it’s better to keep trying in the category you are interested.

It is the research of Upwork team that freelancer with profile photo has more chances to get hired than the freelancer without profile photo, so it is better to upload the decent photo taken recently.

How to get your first job on Upwork?

After completing the above, go ahead to find the suitable job according to your niche, search for the most relevant job by a phrase like an article writing, data entry, web development, SEO etc.

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Read the complete job description, once you have done with job description then check for additional questions if given in the job post.

Question yourself by reading the job description, such as:

  • Is the job suitable for you?
  • Are you accepting to work on the given rates?
  • Is it easy for you to complete the job on time?

Now, go ahead to submit the proposal with a covering letter, mention the skills needed for the job, make sure to write the proposal that could convince the client, do not try begging for the job.

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Your proposal should be in the meaningful format so the client may know your intention and experience, tell them how much you understand their work, and offer the better ways to do the work more effectively.

Tell them how much you could optimize their work, also ask them some question regarding the work so they get to know that how much you interested and focused on doing the work.

Tips to write the covering letter for Upwork job proposal:

It is best to offer your proposal in the pure format, which is clear and responsive, better to write in the following order.

  • Try to find the name of the client before writing the proposal, call him with the name and give him the greetings.
  • Introduce yourself and start writing about your experience in the field.
  • Ask them some questions about the work, and tell them how much you understand about this job.
  • Do a good research about work and advice them with some quick techniques that you can use to complete the work in shortest time.
  • Tell them about your recent projects and share the details to make them believe that you have those skills, they are looking for.
  • It is better to ask them for discussion regarding project so the client knows that you are ready to accept the challenging job.

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This is the arrangement of the covering letter I used to get my first job on Upwork, it was not easy but once you get the first job you will learn to get more.

Now, you can follow the above steps to create the account in minutes, also checklist the covering letter before submitting your proposals.

Hope you easily get your first online job, glad to hear your experience, please share the techniques you used to get the job.

Now, its your turn to share the experience by commenting below: