Best blogging platforms for newbies

By | November 17, 2016

Hey friends, did any one of you heard about blogging platform other than Blogger and WordPress? Surely most of you say NO, Today I am telling you about several platform that may use for blogger but they are not Blogger and WordPress.

Before we start and you ask me how much compatible and reliable these platforms actually to start a blog, so let me tell you that these are not like professional blogging platform.

Everyone of you wants to work and earn money, but these are not highly search engine ranked platform for blogging but if you launching a bog to write an article and publish it for your own self than these platforms will help you.

Tumblr Blogs:

Blogging platform tumblr

Tumblr is basically social media based Blogs which give you a cool look of social media platform like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s actually the circle where you post the article on your blog and you don’t need to do much optimization or back linking because your post will gain popularity in the same circle where different blog authors and writers using and exploring so it is best for you if you just want to share your article and the other authors and writers appreciate your work to rank it up and you may do the same when you like something of their blog post.

Meidum a blogging platform:

Blogging platform Medium

Medium is not actually a blogging platform because its more like magazine platform where everybody can share his thoughts according to his or her interest, there are many authors and reader who may read and give a compliment to you.

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So it is not technically a blogging but it is a magazine where readers and writer know each other and practice their skills.

If you have writing skill you should try to write for medium and improve your article writing with suggestions of some best authors and writers.

Weebly website builder:

Blogging platform Weebly

The third blogging platform we have is Weebly, it is more like website designing tool. When you Login Weebly you will find more than blogging is website designing tools which is so much simple because of drag and drop options.

So once you design your website or blog completely you may write the article or the post you want to share.

The best thing about Weebly is you can create the appearance of your website which looks more soft to you, don’t need to hire any website designer for this platform because Weebly is the easiest website builder by his own where you could write your thinking and share.

You can use a sub domain of Weebly once you are new, when have some expertise in the weebly web designing you can find Weebly responsive themes, put the ads and register your domain for your new Blog so now you can create your own website blog.

Pen, free writing blog:

Blogging platform Pen

Pen is not actually a professional blogging platform, when you want to write you just grab your pen and start writing that’s it.

Actually Pen is not a complete blogging platform because when you don’t have your account then you are writing freely without any limitation.

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It is best for the people who wants to write for themselves, they don’t care about any one and just want to share their feelings, even what they can’t say to any one they could write and express.

It is not that type of blogging where you have to optimization your blog, no need of marketing or search engine optimization, if you want to write just write it and if someone wants to ready they will read, yes people pass the comments but you can practice your writing skills without any hesitation.

What we have learned today:

We can see that these blogging platforms are not like WordPress and Blogger, you can’t simply post your article then raise some traffic and use advertising markets , simply these blogs will not generate the money for you.

Actually the blogging is the thing where you write and share, but these days everybody wants to earn good amount of income from their blog or website so if you are actually of those type then you may choose well only well known platforms for blogging.

Now what do you think about these blogging platform? check by yourself, experience it and share your reviews in the comments below.

Now, its your turn to share the experience by commenting below: